Unit 3 Mini Topic - The Stone Age

Over the past two weeks children in Unit 3 have taken part in their mini topic about The Stone Age. As part of this topic we have learnt about and built our own Stonehenge, explored artefacts, built shelters, found out about how to dye cloth using fruit and discovered facts about a Stone Age…

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Interesting places in Rochdale -Yellow


Hello and welcome to our interesting places to visit blog. We hope you like the facts.

Hollingworth lake is a 130 acre reservoir near smithy bridge.It was originally built as the main water source throughout Rochdale. It developed as a place of interest in the 1860's,it became known as the…

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Rochdale History -Yellow


This is a blog about History in Rochdale. It will tell you about the interesting things that a have happened in the history in Rochdale over past years. 

 The co-op that was a bakery, built in 1844 is now open as a museum.You may seen or have been inside a co-operative it could of…

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Rochdale Co-op -Yellow

Co-op was a local store and still is now this blog will tell you facts about co-op

Co-op was formed by the Rochdale pioneers in 1863. before  co-op was around people weighed  flour  with dirt to cheat and get more for less  until the pioneers came and made things right.Co-op started their first…

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The Town Hall of Rochdale -Yellow

The town hall is located in Rochdale, opened on September 7th 1871 

Short tours 

There are short tours , which take you around the best bits of Rochdale town hall including the exchange ,the co-op,and council chambers. Get a flavour of this stunning building and Learn about the many stories…

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Rochdale History - Yellow




  The town hall is known as the famous building in Rochdale  and it still is. Rochdale is a town in greater Manchester and it has rich heritage.                                    

   In Rochdale in 2013-2015 there was lots of floods near the town hall and the college to. Do you…

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Rochdale Football A.F.C -Yellow


This blog is about Rochdale football club.Rochdale football club is called Rochdale A.F.C and it was formed in 1907. There home kit is blue, black and white And there away kit is red, black and blue. On the 1st June 2011 manager Keith Hill joined championship side Barnsley but he came back a…

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Rochdale Football Club -Yellow

Did you know there is a Rochdale Football Team?Read on to learn more about the team.

The current colours of the Rochdale Football kit consist of blue, black and whiteA.F.C stands for Association Football Club.The Rochdale A.F.C was formed in 1907.The team has only achieved promotion three…

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Rochdale Town Hall - Yellow

Rochdale Town Hall 

Rochdale Town Hall  was opened on the 7th September, 1871. It was designed by William Henry Crossland. It has a colossal 190 ft tall clock tower. Adolf Hitler admired the architecture of the building so much that he wanted to take it back to Germany brick by brick. Every…

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Rochdale famous people (yellow)

This blog is going to be about famous people in Rochdale:

Gracie Feilds was Born On the 9th of January 1898. When she was Born her name was Grace Standsfeild. She was Born upstairs above a fish and chip shop. She spent the later part of her life on the isle of Capri in Italy.



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Co-op (Yellow

Co-op started as a group of men and has now developed into a company. The co-op was started by the Rochdale pioneers in 1863.They provided the products to sell to local people. The Rochdale pioneers rented their first ever store at 31 Toadlane and they also moved out in 1867. Co-op was only formed…

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Rochdale Famous people (Amber Class)

Rochdale Famous people

Here is our information blog about famous people from Rochdale by Afrin, Eesha, Rehan and Umair.


Anna Louise Friel

Anna Friel was born on the 12th July 1976 in Rochdale, Lancashire. Her profession is acting. She is an English actress. Since the age of 13,Anna…

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