Our incredible term

Our incredible Autumn term

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In Unit 4 we can describe how information is transported across the internet.

Can you answer the following questions about how the internet works?

What components are needed to allow the internet to work?

Can you explain how the internet provides acess to the WWW?

What is the differnece between the World Wide Web and the internet? 


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Guy Fawkes

This week, Year 6 have been learning about Guy Fawkes. We created reports in Purple Mash and really enjoyed it. We hope you do too?


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Ancient Greeks

The children from Unit 4 went to Touchstones to partake in an Ancient Greek workshop at Touchstones.The children took part in a variety of activities including: dressing up as Acient Greeks, drama and voting in a democratic way.


We also had a Ancient Greek Dressing up day on the 18th…

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Roald Dahl

On Tuesday 13th September 2016 the children of Shawclough School took part in Roald Dahl Day.  We all had lots of fun dressing up as our favourite character from one of Roald Dahl's amazing books.  Throughout the day children took part in a variety of activities that celebrated the life and works…

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Unit 4 really enjoyed bikeability as you can tell! 

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Year 6 memories

Year 6's reflect on their times at the school and the history they have made or been a part of’, before heading off to Big School.

Please share an important memory in the blog below. 

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Meeting Nadiya Hussain



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Miss Pollard's English group have been typing a letter as a characters from Stormbreaker to persuade each other that Alex Rider should or should not be a secret agent. After we finished our letters, we printed it, proof - read it and edited it to make a final draft. 

Miss Pollard is really…

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Is coding the most important language in the world?

Is Coding the Most Important Language in the World?


What things did they say and show to change people’s understanding of coders and coding?

Can you list as many cool places you can work or cool jobs you can have that use coding?


Please answer the following questions…

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The English language is notoriously difficult. Make sure you brush up on your SPAG skills on the links below:


Do you know what all the words mean at the top of…

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Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

FDP is an essential part of year 6 maths.

Below you will find plenty of revision to help keep you busy at home:

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